Sunday, August 5, 2012

July 2012

I'm so grateful to be an American and to live in Utah. I love that we are able to celebrate this great country and this great state in the same month. We started the festivities early, by attending the Riverton Parade on the 3rd with the Brian Slade family and Nick and Mariah. The boys are really into fire engines so they loved seeing them pass by and hearing the sirens. We didn't have plans for the 4th and I really didn't want to stay home, so Pam was nice enough to invite us to her families barbecue and firework celebration. The boys had a great time playing with the kids and loved the fireworks. Side story: (We have some toys at home with batteries, whenever they stop working the boys know they need new batteries, so whenever the fireworks would stop, the boys would ask if they needed new batteries. It was really cute.)
We attended that Riverton Demolition Derby. They are always lots of fun. I mean who doesn't love to be a little white trash. We took the boys with us and they loved watching the cars crash.
Mike's mom hosted a breakfast on the 24th that was delicious. We ended up staying for about 4 hours. The kids were having so much fun. It started raining while we were there and the kids ended up getting all wet. Then they stayed outside and played in the rain. They made little boats and set them down the gutter. The boys splashed around and loved chasing their cousins and the boats. It was so much fun to watch them all together.
The boys are really into trucks right now. Mighty Machines. Owen goes around saying, "I love truck". Herriman is always under construction, so whenever we drive out of the city, they boys point out all the machines and trucks they see.

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