Sunday, September 9, 2012

August 2012

We had a fun August. During the middle of the month we spent a 5 days up at the Cabin with our friends the Anderson's. It was the first time we've taken the boys and they seemed to have a great time. We rode on the boat and went wake boarding and took the boys tubing, jumped off the rope swing, which is becoming one of my favorite things to do, hiked down to Sylvan Bay with the boys, where they splashed around in the water and had a great time throwing rocks, went into town and played at the park, took a short hike along Half Moon Lake, watched movies, rode on the 4 wheelers, ate delicious food, played games, and had a wonderful time with our friends. One afternoon, we were sitting out on the lake and Owen was on the deck trying to fill up his pail with water and a little wave hit the boat and knocked him in. I always give out a little shriek, from the cold, when I first jump in, and Owen was no different, he came up crying. Welcome to Fremont Lake. It was his first time in the water. We got him all dried off and all was good again.
We had a yard sale the end of July to get rid of all the stuff that was at my dad's house on 13th east. We had a great turn out and made $1100. We were literally just selling junk to people, but I guess 'one mans trash is another mans treasure'. The house looked great and despite all the furniture being gone, it still feels like home there. My mom had a few trunks that she kept up in the storage room and in August, we got together with Aunt Barbara and gave them to her. The contents were mostly old letters from before any of us were born and we didn't know what to do with them, but we didn't want to throw them away. We know Aunt Barbara will take good care of them.
One of the many things that I am sad about having to do with my mom's death, is that we don't go out to Vernal. It make me so sad that my kids aren't going to have the wonderful experiences and know Vernal like I did. I love all my memories from out there; running in the house right when we arrived and giving Grandma and Grandpa Hacking a hug, playing with my cousins in the yard and swinging on the tree swing, going swimming in the canal and highline. Anytime I bite into a beet, all those memories come flooding back, the taste and smell of that vegetable remind me so much of my Grandma and take me back to being a kid in Vernal. My mom always said that going back to Vernal was like recharging her batteries. Oh Mom, I miss you.
Will had us over for dinner at his house one evening and then afterwards we went swimming at the community pool. The heater for the pool was broken, but that didn't stop Mike and the boys from swimming. I got in too, but just in the hot tub.
Me and Hayley, another Mom of twins, have been trading off babysitting every other week for 4 hours. It has been great. It always amazes me how much more I can get done with no kids. I've been able to go to the temple, run errands and one week I even went to a movie, I'd been wanting to see for a while.   
Mike is working hard and his job and is getting busier with taxes due again on Sept 15th. The boys keep themselves busy playing inside with their toys, outside in the sandbox and riding around on their big wheels. They can both count to 5.

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Deena said...

I miss your mom too! I love hearing about your Vernal memories. I love Vernal too! Glad you are getting some away time.