Sunday, November 25, 2012

October 2012

The big highlight of the month was the boys turned 3 years old. We had a really fun birthday party complete with party games, lots of good food and of course cupcakes and ice cream. The boys loved all the attention and Caleb even cried when Aunt Mariah tried to help him open a present, so I think we covered just about everything. I had two games. The first game was called 'Who's Who?'. I hung up individual pictures of the boys and then some of them together and everyone had to try to figure out who was who? The second game was 'How well do you know Owen & Caleb?', with multiple choice questions about the boys. You can take it and see how well you would have done. 
1. Our favorite things at the moment are?
a. Big Trucks & Fire Engines
b. Dinosaurs
c. Anything having to do with Halloween
d. Sports & Balls

2. Caleb got lost on our trip to Disneyland. True or False

3. At our last check-up (10/9/2012) we were what weight & height?

a. 36lbs & 40 in.  /  38lbs & 41 in.
b. 40 lbs & 42.1 in.  /  35lbs & 41 in.
c. 32 lbs & 44 in.  /  40lbs & 39.3
Bonus Questions: Who weighs more?                   Who is taller?

4. Owen can do a flip on the trampoline. True or False

5. Our favorite thing to do is?
    a. Play in the sandbox
    b. Ride around on their Big Wheels.
    c. Play with their trains
    d. All of the above.

6.  We are not potty trained. True or False

7. Our favorite show on TV is?
    a. Seasame Street
    b. Chuck the Truck
    c. Yo Gabba Gabba
    d. Thomas the Train
    e. Most cartoons on Netflix

    f.  All of the above

8. How often do we take nap?

a. Everyday. Come on we are growing boys and need our sleep.
b. One every 2-3 days
c. We stopped taking naps. We are running on pure adrenaline.

9. Our favorite food is?
    a. Hot Dog
    b. Cheese
    c. Banana
    d. a & c
    e. b & c

Answers: 1.a, 2. False, 3. a. Bonus Questions: Owen weighs more and is taller. 4. False 5. d, 6. True 7. f., 8. b, 9. d

We enjoyed the lovely fall weather in October and went to a pumpkin patch with the boys. We carved the pumpkins the week before Halloween. Will bought one of those store bought pumpkin carving kits with the templates and tools. I can't believe what a difference they make. We've all been too cheap in the past to buy them, cause we thought our kitchen knifes were just fine, but let me tell ya, if you haven't tried them you should. They are great. I carved such a good pumpkin that a couple of days after I put it out, a deer ate it. Dumb deer.
Mike's boss invited my Dad to a BYU game and in turn my dad invited us. We had a good time, would have been better if BYU won, but what do you do.
Mariah & Nick hosted the annual Halloween fondue party. Every one came in costume and they were very creative. The food, as always, was delicious. We played a couple of rounds of Taboo.
We also went to a Halloween/Trunk or Treat Party at the church. We dressed up as Goldilocks and the three bears. They had a little spook alley and some games for the kids and lots and lots of candy. It's the middle of November and we still have two bags full. I'm going to have to pawn it off on some kids.
The Barkers invited us over again for soup and to go trick or treating in their neighborhood. The boys loved pushing people's door bells. I can't believe how much fun I had. It was the excitement of it all, wondering what houses would give out full size candy bars and making sure we hit as many as we could so we could increase our odds.  I didn't even want the candy to eat, I just liked the thrill. (I know I need to get out more.)
Funny story about Owen: Mariah was tending the boys once and she said they could play her ipad. Owen always plays it first and isn't very good about sharing it, so she said she was going to let Caleb play it first this time. Owen spoke right up and said, "I'm Caleb", so that he could play it. Then another time Mariah said she  saw him kissing it. Whenever we go over now, he asks, "play ipad" when we get there. 

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